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Aiko Yoshino's Hiding Place

Character Profile for Aiko Yoshino

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Icon made by awakingemotion. I do not own Battle Royale or Chigusa Takako (the girl in the image) or Chiaki Kuriyama (her actress in the film).

I do own Aiko Yoshino, and she isn't a replica of Chigusa Takako, I just like her character in the film, thus why I used the userpic.

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Application form by br_oblivion *the rpg i applied for*. I copied and pasted my info across, so i remember. Aiko Yoshino © Donna M Fraser.

-- player info --

Player Name: Donna
Player LJ: empress_donna
Player Contact: MSN: serenamadlol@hotmail.com
Player E-mail: tenchi2221 at yahoo dot co dot uk
RP Experience: About 6 years

-- character bio --

Character Name: Aiko Yoshino
Character Age: 15

She has long black hair, that she tends to wear tied up in a soft blue bow to the back of her head in a typical bun style. Her eyes are pale blue, and she wears oval rimmed glasses, which are gold in colour.

She always wears the typical school uniform, apart from the fact that now and again she liked to add things to the uniform, like badges or bows.

Skills/Talents: Food preparing, hiding in small places and making things out of nothing, like umbrellas and cookers. Not good at making weapons.
Backpack Contents: Hat and Scarf, spare clothes, mini knife for cutting wood, but not useful as a weapon and matches.
Government Standpoint: She is very Neutral on everything the government says and does.

Aiko tries to be very friendly with everyone in the class, whether they like her or not. She tries to help out whether she can and seems to always get in the middle of trouble. There are the few people she doesn't like, but she keeps quiet about them.

With strangers, she doesn't get along so well, she is normal very shy and tries not to get to know them until they get to know her, but she is trying to stop this.

She doesn't have much of a temper, but when she does get angry, she usually hides away on her own, and cries to herself. She doesn't cry in front of others incase she gets picked pn.


- Born Aiko Haylu Yoshino to her loving parents.
- At the age of 7, she experienced a rather bad case of bullying due to her middle name, ever since then she has never used it.
- 3 weeks before her 15th birthday, her best friend of 6 years dies of an unexpected heart attack. This effected Aiko badly, and made her more helpful to everyone around her.
- Has had no bullying since the one problem, but has become rather more shy since then. Middle School is slightly worried about her.

Family Relationships:

Mother - Aiko is very close to her mother, she has been very helpful throughout her life, but isn't too pleased that Aiko dropped her middle name just because of bullying. This can cause a little fight now and again, but her mum always stops when Aiko starts to cry.
Father - She isn't as close to her dad, due to him working almost all of the time. But when she does see her dad, they are like best friends. Her dad sticks up for her whenever he is home to see the fights.

Writing Sample: Your character has just woken up in a classroom, all of their classmates asleep around them. The last thing they remember is riding in the bus, on the way to the class trip that everyone had been looking forward to. [write your character's reaction in 250 words]

'ouch.. my head..' said a rather groggy sounding feminine voice.

Aiko had woken up, rather abruptly, from a sleep that felt like it lasted for hours. She could feel that she was laying against something, her glasses pressing into her right hand. She moved her right hand from under her oval rimmed glasses to get a bit more comfortable.

She yawned quietly, raising her left hand to her head, and then she rubbed it gently. She felt like she had a bit of a headache, and she didn't quite know how.

"What happened?", she muttered to herself, looking at the desk in front of her. Wait a minute... a desk?!? She wasn't at a desk before..

Aiko moved herself up off of the wooden desk as she began to look around the room, all her fellow classmates fast asleep upon desks that where similar to hers. She could see the white classroom lights as she looked round, they all seemed a little blurry. She removed the glasses gently to rub her eyes, before placing her glasses back on.

"this .. isn't a bus..." she spoke softly to herself, trying to think about what happened before now. They were on a bus... on the way to a trip.. and now she was here...

How did she get here?

She took in her surroundings slowly, trying to think if she remembered falling asleep in a classroom after getting off the bus, but.. nothing. Just the bus.. she didn't remember anything other than that bus.

Other: [specify what kind of clique (if any) your character is, leader or follower, how they are in social situations, what kind of strategies they would use in a Battle Royale type situation, how easily they trust, how close they are to classmates, and anything else you can think of]

She isn't apart of any real clique, since is tries not to stay in one group of friends, and tries to be friendly with everyone. She does have at least 5 friends, or at least, 5 peoples whom she considers friends. She has never been strong enough to be a leader, so she has always followed whomever told her what to do. Being too shy to make friends with strangers causes some problems when the person who tells her to do things is new to Aiko.

In a battle royale situation, Aiko would use her own common sense to try and keep herself out of the fighting. But, she wouldn't stay hidden either. When it comes to it, Aiko would probably kill if she had to, but ONLY if she had no other choice.

She would like to win, but the chances of that are slim if she cannot kill others unless attacked herself.
battle royale, food preparing, making things